Guild Wars 2 is going to be one amazing game that’s full of adventure and excitement, but no matter what’s already promised we all want more. Yet, there is only a short period of time in a game’s development cycle where developers can brainstorm new features and even shorter time to implement them. The reason is simple: the more features added the less polish a game will have. Adding new features can make a game fun, unique, and interesting while more polish will make a game feel smooth and more complete. The balance between the two needs to be perfect, otherwise the game can come across as boring or buggy.

My question is simple: what features, additions, or otherwise would you like to see added to Guild Wars 2? Would you like to see more polish, some feature from another game, something from Guild Wars moved over, or would you even like to go as far as to say you wouldn’t like to see something? Take your answer and join us over at our community forums and share your thoughts on the subject.

There is a lot to look forward to right now in GW2, but there can always be more.

As for me, there are five items on my Guild Wars 2 wish list. My list is probably even longer, but I feel the following five things are my “must haves” for the game when it launches.

  1. Insanely Epic Fights
    I remember my first time playing the original Guild Wars when we arrived at The Great Northern Wall, the very first mission you undertake leaving pre-searing. Your party travels across the field until you reach a certain point and you find yourself fleeing a massive army of Charr. Instantly, after the cutscene, one party member was annihilated by the vicious and uncaring Charr. A second soon met his demise when he was too slow to “get” the idea that we needed to run for our lives. I mourn their losses quickly as I rush back toward the safety of the NPCs at the start with my friend but we’re quickly blindsided by more Charr. We’re not going to make it, I say softly, fearing that we’ve already lost and the Charr’s victory is now close at hand. Looking ahead I see the objective and make a 180. “I’ll hold them here, run, quickly!” I scream while casting Fire Storm as my death soon comes. The last member alive rushes to the NPC and ends the mission. Victory was now ours.

    That feeling of epicness five years ago needs to return and in even greater numbers. The talk of Dynamic Events and Personal Stories is already promising the chance for some amazingly epic encounters, but I want more. I want to scream and shout when we finally gain victory over what feels to be an impossible encounter.

  2. Flexibility (Easy Trait/Attribute/Skill Changing and Flexible Roles)
    Hybrid classes are the foundation of Guild Wars and has enabled games like World of Warcraft to grant one character the chance to fulfill more than one role. For instance, in Guild Wars an Elementalist can heal and a Warrior/Elementalist can cast spells (such as the ever popular Hamstring and Fire Storm combo). Professions need to be flexible, allowing players to take on multiple roles so they don’t all have to fight to get in groups, and the flexibility needs to be easy to obtain. You should be able to switch on the fly (like with the weapon switching promised) without sacrificing much in order to do so.

  3. Difficult but Accessible Instanced Content
    I don’t even want to think about the debate between “casual” and “hardcore” players that has plagued almost every MMO with “high-end raid content,” but at the same time I will acknowledge that a game needs something to do when you hit the max level and that something to do should be amazing. There should be something challenging await players who hit the maximum level, but it shouldn’t be so challenging that almost no one can do it.

  4. NPC Companions
    Henchmen are the foundation of Guild Wars. They allow you to complete content designed for groups by yourself or with just a few friends. We do know that Guild Wars 2 will not have henchmen, but I think that some kind of NPC companion that would take the place of one traditional party member would be something unique and awesome. I don’t have high hopes for something like this, but it’s my one “wild wish.” Imagine if you traveled the entire game choosing who can stay at your side through the entire thing. Maybe you switch people out, maybe you use the one with the “best” stats/skills, or maybe you pick one for its personality and use it for the rest of the game. Either way it’d be something interesting and unique.

  5. Everything That Has Been Promised
    This one isn’t that original, but I figure I might as well say it. What’s been promised so far looks incredible. I think that if we get everything shown and promised so far then there is little doubt that Guild Wars 2 will be one amazing game. So with my final request I will simply just request everything that we already have seen.

So what do you want to appear in GW2? Come on by our community forums and share your thoughts. I’ve shared mine so why don’t you share yours? You can find the thread right here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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