Xerin takes a look at his top five most anticipated foreign MMOs.

Below I present the list of my current top five foreign MMOs in development I’m looking forward to right now. These are some lesser known titles that aren’t in the mass media 24/7 and have some interesting traits about them. Some of these games are not released at all yet and non of them are currently in English, although odds are most will be translated at some point.

#5 - Onigiri: Pandamonium

Onigiri is a Japanese F2P action MMO that’s super Japanese. I mean we’re talking kawaii neko chan hello kitty Japanese. We’re talking the ultimate Japanese - Goku level style. It’s all about Japanese fables and folklores and what I find fun and exciting about this title is that it’s an action MMO with a companion system that plays like the Sengoku Basara series. You run around the map completing actions in order to… well win!

What’s neat about this game though and what really pumps my excitement for it is that it’s a Playstation 4 MMO. There is a hand full of those out there, but F2P console MMOs are interesting. There is some hilarious comment quotes I could pull like “this is so what you’re expecting when you’re buying a PS4” but I digress.

Fun side discussion. This game is all about you being an Oni, a sort of kind of demon thing, but Onigiri is actually nigirimeshi or rice ball. So the title of the game is effectively “Rice Ball.”

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#4 - ArcheAge

This game I’m definitely looking forward to by a considerable margin, mostly because it’s… well awesome. It’s an open sandbox style game where you can build all kinds of vehicles, including naval weapons, and fight in a giant world against monsters and other players. The concept of it sounds amazing.

Can ArcheAge deliver? Probably not. The hype around it will do nothing but slowly crush my soul as I play it and find out the people on YouTube made the game far more interesting then it really is. However, I’m still super excited to command my own sea vessel and pretend I’m Captain Jack Sparrow or something equally as silly.

Until then you can all stare at the teaser video and look at just how pretty the water is.

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#3 - Project NT

Project NT

Woah boy this game is… neat. It’s like a grown up Mabinogi. There isn’t a ton of details out about it but what we do know so far has me pretty excited. Here’s the basics. It’s a Nexon game, so just… imagine in your head every other Nexon game ever. They’re all pretty much the same. Now, increase cell shading by 1000%. Then add in awesome Everquest Next features. Bam you have Project NT.

Well, the reason I’m actually excited is that it’s got a lot of depth in the little bit of information given so far, it’s by Nexon so it’ll be a quality product, and let’s face it. We haven’t had a Nexon launch in forever. Like a Nexon MMO launch.

Of course the only concerns is the spam and cheating, something Mabinogi players could talk at length about. Although Nexon wasn't the original developer, so who knows.

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#2 - Icarus

This game is really pretty. It uses the CryENGINE 3, which means that it’s even more prettier just because games with that engine are pretty for some reason. That’s all I know about the game and boy does that have me excited. I love a pretty game, I can’t lie, and Icarus is reallllly pretty.

Beyond the eye candy, the game has a lot going for it. You can own some pretty sweet castles, large scale guild battle system, and much more. Even better, it has mounted combat.

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#1 - Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2

Would you like to hear at length about why I love Phantasy Star Online? How about the fact I own a Dreamcast just to play PSO1 the most authentic way possible? How about the fact I’ve played through most of the Phantasy Star RPG games, even if they were difficult to get through because of their age. I’m pretty much a huge PSO fanboy and PSO2 is no different.

Unlike all of the previously mentioned games, I’ve been able to play PSO2 at length for the longest time now. I’m just casually waiting for it to make its English translation so that I can do more than bash away at things with no clue what’s happening.

The game is pretty, fun, and has everything the entire series has ever needed to be good. Sure there is some shortcomings, but there are shortcomings with everything. Anyway, it’s for sure my #1 more anticipated lesser known MMO.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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