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World of Warcraft is not getting any
younger. In fact, as MMO's go, this game at nearly nine years old is
downright elderly. Due to it's age, you will find many players saying
the graphics in World of Warcraft are outdated and in dire need of an
update. However, for some fans (like myself), the graphics in WoW can
still manage to take our breath away.

This is especially true when it comes
to the landscapes found within the game. While they may not be quite
up to par with newer games on the market, Blizzard has a way of
creating landscapes that still, after all these years, make us stop
and reveal in our surroundings. We all have our favorite places,
whether it be the mysterious Tirisfal Glades or the majestic Storm
Peaks, and picking the most beautiful place in game would be almost
impossible. Instead of picking just one, we have decided to share
with you five of our picks for the most beautiful places in World of
Warcraft. Check them out below:


Dalaran City is, at least in this
writer's humble opinion, the most beautiful city in World of
Warcraft. Silvermoon City, the home of the Blood Elves, comes in a
close second, but just can't fully compare. With its floating
splendor combined with the magical beauty of Crystalsong Forest far
below, Dalaran manages to far outshine any other city in the game.
While new expansions have come and gone and Dalaran now lies quiet
compared to the bustle seen here during the Wrath of the Lich King

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Howling Fjord

From the time I first set foot in the
Howling Fjord I was awestruck with this zone. With its towering
trees, impressive water features, and somewhat melancholy feel, this
zone is one that I never regret revisiting. While this zone is
occupied by both Horde and Alliance, as well as other native races,
it still manages to feel remote and unspoiled by the events taking
place around it. Howling Fjord is beautiful as a whole and choosing a
spot for the picture was more than a little difficult. However, I
think I managed to do this zone justice.

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Tirisfal Glades

Thinking back on the still plague
affected Tirisfal Glades you may be wondering why exactly is is on
this list of supposedly most beautiful places. While Tirisfal is certainly
not beautiful in the traditional sense, it has an eery
beauty all its own. Hills, forlorn looking trees, a lingering fog,
and undead inspired villages like Bree are just a few of the things
players can expect to find within Tirisfal. Combined with the
presence of the Undercity and the haunting music of the zone, the
zone is something special. If you aren't convinced that Tirisfal is
beautiful, I urge you to take a walk through the zone and stop
looking for traditional beauty and you may just find yourself

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Let me start out by saying that I hate
Vashj'ir as a questing zone. The zone irked me to no end and I didn't
find swimming everywhere or searching for quest givers that could
either be up or down from my toon particularly pleasant. With all
that negative being said the one thing that made the zone bearable
for me was the scenery. Vashj'ir is littered with watery delights in
this area. From its huge sea weed and coral forests, to its beautiful
rock formations, and hidden grottoes this zone is literally an orgy
of nice things to look at.

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Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Even if you still aren't convinced that
Pandaria was a good choice for an expansion pack, you will likely
admit that if nothing else it sure is pretty. Picking a location in
Pandaria as “most beautiful” is more than a little difficult
because quite literally almost every zone has a loveliness all of its
own. However, in my personal opinion the Vale of Eternal Blossoms
wins this contest.

alt="Vale of Eternal Blossoms" />

Highly guarded by the Pandaran people
(and for good reason) this is one of the last zones I was introduced
to in Pandaria and one of the most visually stunning. With quiet
pools and lakes, trees dotting the landscapes in hues of gold and
red, as well as one of the most beautiful buildings seen in this new
land, the Vale really feels like the magical place it is supposed to
be. Even with the scars of the Horde and Alliance upon it, the Vale
of Eternal Blossoms still radiates a shining beauty that is evident
to all who travel there.

That concludes our list of the five
most beautiful places in World of Warcraft. Close runner-ups that
didn't quite make the list include places like Deepholm, Nagrand,
Zangarmarsh, Un'goro Crater and many more. Beauty of course is in the
eye of the beholder, so do any of these landscapes match up with your
own personal list? Share some of your favorite (and beautiful) places
with us in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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