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Glitches and bugs are a normal part of
any game and World of Warcraft is no exception. Usually, most get
filtered out on the public test realms. However, every now and then,
one sneaky glitch or bug manages to make it to live servers and
proceeds to cause havoc amongst the players there. From funny, to
crazy, to downright annoying, most of these bugs and glitches we have
experienced over the years have earned a small spot in our memories.
Some of which stand out more than others.

Below you will find our picks for the
top 5 glitches and bugs ever seen in World of Warcraft. So read
onward and take a trip down memory lane and see if you can remember
experiencing any of these particular glitches and bugs. Enjoy!

Corrupted Blood

This glitch is one of my personal
favorites and made it's appearance back in September of 2005 with the
release of Zul'Gurub. Inside this brand new instance players faced
off against Hakkar the Soulflayer who had a nasty debuff called
Corrupted Blood. This debuff would periodically sap the players life
every few seconds until the debuff expired or the player died. This
debuff was especially tricky because it could be passed on to other
players who were standing in close proximity to the afflicted player.

Corrupted Blood was contained to the
instance until it was discovered that Hunter pets could take the
disease OUTSIDE. Once the Hunter's pet was inflicted with the disease
the Hunter needed only to dismiss the pet and the disease was packed
away with the pet. Of course, if the pet was released in a populated
area, such as the middle of Orgrimmar or Stormwind, all hell broke
lose. Masses of players and NPCs were killed and these cities became
carpeted with skeletons. Of course Blizzard eventually fixed
Corrupted Blood so that it can no longer exist outside of the
instance, however, its effects will never be forgotten. In fact the
Corrupted Blood plague was earned so much attention that it was
studied by researchers to more easily understand the spread of
real-life diseases.

Vanishing Boats

Players choosing to take air boat
transportation back in vanilla WoW were often treated to a little more
than a sterile ride across to the next continent. This little
glitch would cause the boat to mysteriously vanish and drop the player
into the middle of one ocean or another in the world. Of
course, as we all know by now, being dropped into the midst of the ocean
is a very, very bad thing. Players deep in the ocean get the
Fatigue debuff which will ultimately result in the player's death,unless
they manage to reach land. Of course, reaching land in these
situations was near impossible and so this glitch was responsible for more
than a few player deaths. The worst part? Returning to your
corpse was not an option, so players would be forced to spirit res and
take the repair bill along with the accompanying debuff.

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Death Knight Pandemic

Almost seven years (give or take) after
the Corrupted Blood fiasco, we were all pretty sure we were safe from
plague outbreaks. It could never happen again right? Wrong. Another
pandemic was just lurking around the corner. Death Knights, known for
their use of plagues and diseases, would be the source of this more
recent plague

Typically, Death Knights are only able
to cast their spells Blood Plauge and Frost Fever on enemy targets.
However, somewhere something went wrong and all suddenly these spells
could be cast on both enemy and friendly targets alike. Once again,
this lead to cities littered with skeletons of players and NPC
characters a like. Even just one Death Knight could cause the death
of hundreds of players with just the click of a button. Needless to
say, this glitch was fixed soon after.

Mob Kiting

Kiting. We've all employed this tactic
of dragging a mob all over creation in order to kill it more easily.We
have done it solo and we've seen it done in larger groups.
Currently, it is impossible for players to drag mobs too far. In fact
after a certain distance they will automatically reset to their
original location with full health. This safety is in effect for the
following reason:

You see, back before this safety was
put into place it was possible to drag any mob almost anywhere. Of course
with this in mind, somewhere along the line a little light
bulb went off in someone's head and much hilarity ensued. Players started
dragging high level mobs into low level areas, including the
formidable (at least at that time) outdoor raid bosses. The most notable
of these would be the kiting of Lord Kazzak to Stormwind and
Azuregos to Orgrimmar. Once there, these two raid bosses inspired fear and
caused mass destruction. There was nothing more scary then
seeing Azuregos charging about Orgirmmar eating players faces. While this
may not actually be considered a “glitch” per say, it is
still a game mechanic that Blizzard never intended to be used this way and
thus makes this list.

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Wall Jumping

Wall jumping is a glitch that is found
in World of Warcraft and that most of us (at least those of us who
like to explore the world) have employed. In fact many of us may not
even think of this as a glitch, but those blocked off areas are
blocked off for a reason. So wall jumping falls firmly into the
glitch category. To employ wall jumping players need only to discover
a “wall” or other barrier preventing them from entering an area.
Then by pressing jump and forward at the same time. If things go well
your character will eventually make their way past the wall, if not
you will simply fall to the ground. While using glitches to your
advantage is never encouraged, many interesting places have been
discovered this way, such as the area below Stormwind City.

That concludes our picks for the top
five glitches and bugs ever seen in World of Warcraft. Remember,
taking advantage of any glitch or bug in game comes at your own risk
and is never encouraged. What are some of your most memorable glitches and
bugs you've encountered in the game? Share them with us
in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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