We recently looked at some of World of Warcraft’s previous villains along with a highlight of Deathwing himself. If we were given the ability to replace Deathwing as the villain then who would be best suited for the job? There is a ton of options available. First, before you take a look at our top 5 future anti-heroes for World of Warcraft, why not take a history lesson of all of the previous bad guys?

That aside, let's take a look at the top five potential villains in WoW!

#5: Team Rocket

Having a few Hunters and Warlocks would be mandatory for this raid instance.

Let’s stop fidgeting around the question. Every major endgame boss up until Deathwing was pretty much a rehash of the Jesse and James comedy routine. Walk somewhere, they show up with an excellent plan to ruin your day, you defeat their plan with little to no effort with the help of nearby strangers, and continue. Rinse and repeat until you face them yourself at which point you swat them away into the sky and take the remaining loot (and Pokémon).

So with that, why don’t we take the NC out of NCP (non-combat pet) and have the expansion focus around fighting with your minipets? That’d put a lid on those who scream how useless of a feature non-combat pets are and would give a reason for Blizzard to add in the features of GupPet’s autosummon without using the GCD.

Imagine it now. Using your Grunty’s missile launch attack at Arthas’ Lil’KT who is using splash would have been the most awesome thing in the world. I say we skip everything and move straight to the #1 replacement, Team Rocket.

#4: The League of Evil

Oh you thought you had us huh? Yeahhhh, about that. We're back baby and we're taking Azeroth by storm! All aboard Naxxramas, next stop: somewhere out of the way of everyone else.

Cataclysm is pretty much rehash central, so why not just bring back all of the villains from the past and put them into one giant council. The Val’kyr resurrected Sylvanas with no problems, so Arthas shouldn’t have much trouble standing back up. Kael’thas died, twice, so why not a third? Kel’thuzad could be their leader, since he’s the most experienced when it comes dying, coming back, dying, and coming back. Onyxia got resurrected once before along with Nefarion, so why not just stack everyone together into one super awesome evil league.

The raid instances could be awesome too. You walk into Blackwing Decent and all of a sudden you’re under attack from naga, undead, blood elves, and bug people. We could even throw in some bird men from TBC just for the fun of it. The endboss could be a tag team of Onyxia and Nefarion while Arthas sends out skeletons from two separate closets every time you step over any eggs.

#3: Sylvanas Windrunner

The Queen of the Forsaken awaits! You are so totally prepared.

Sure, we already got done with one undead dude but why not another? Sylvanas is already heavily propped up to be the next bad guy in charge considering the lengths that she is going through to destroy everyone and generally make everyone frown. I frown just thinking about it. She has the power to resurrect the dead, in mass quantities no doubt, and has a plague that decimates everyone. She has no problem killing civilians, disobeying orders, or torturing people. She just drips evil, so why not a huge betrayal?

Of course, a lot of people want that third faction which would undoubtedly involve the Forsaken splitting off, but I have no hopes of that ever happening.

#2: Queen Azshara

Azshara uses the Lady Vashj model in Cataclysm. She's almost more powerful than the majority of the Burning Legion and probably can talk to murlocs.

She makes one small appearance in Cataclysm but is the person responsible for the entire first sundering and entire War of the Ancients. She’s vain, narcissistic, beautiful, and best of all pretty much everywhere in the lore. The best part of defeating her would be the satisfaction that you no longer have to deal with a single naga for the rest of World of Warcraft.

No joke though, she’d make a great endboss and is probably going to be the raid right after Deathwing unless Blizzard is aiming to do quicker expansions. She’s corrupted by the Old Gods so obviously if Deathwing fails then why not bring about the greatest and most powerful spell caster Azeroth has ever seen?

#1: Warcraft IV

Starcraft II arrived, as a sequel to the original Starcraft after a 12 year wait.

Let’s face it, of all the options available there isn’t a whole ton of bad people left to make anyone turn their smile upside down. You have Azshara, who is pretty evil, the old gods who are the primary focus now, and then you have minor evils like Deathwing. Then there is the Burning Legion which is sort of “this is the last expansion, let’s take out the big guy!”

Will there be a Warcraft IV? Check out our thoughts right here.

We need a new game to come in to take the place of the final bad guy to replenish our supply of evil people. After Arthas got defeated it’d been awesome to return to the RTS roots and begin crafting an entirely new story, with new characters, and new lore that could be equally applied to the game. Sure the semantics of it all is crazy off but that doesn’t prevent it from being my #1 wish.

I just don’t honestly feel like there is a serious contender for “most bad guy ever” like Illidan or Arthas was just because they don’t exist. We need some serious lore magic to happen and the only way to do that is with huge campaigns in a single player game or to take World of Warcraft into a dangerous new zone of writing original content not derived from previous lore.

Whichever way you see it; there is a lot of interesting things that could happen. Who do you think would make the best endboss ever? Leave your comments below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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