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Garrosh Hellscream. Son of Grom, former
leader of the Warsong clan and current Warchief of the mighty Horde.
Garrosh is also the final boss players will face off against in the
newest World of Warcraft expansion; Mists of Pandaria.

Many players will not be sad to see
Garrosh taken down, but how did we get to this point? What is it that
has made Garrosh Hellscream a prime candidate for removal as Warchief
or annihilation? There are many reasons we could name,
but a few really stand out above the rest. Below you will find five
of these stand out reasons as to why it has become inevitable that
Garrosh must be removed from power.

Top 5 Reasons Garrosh Hellscream is
Slated for Aggressive Removal

No Diplomacy

Unlike his predecessor, Garrosh has no
room for diplomacy. His policy is take what we want and anyone who
stands in our way be damned. In Garrosh's twisted mind there is no
room for pretty words, making nice with treaties, or worrying about
how the “other guy” will feel. Garrosh has made no secret of his
distaste for the Alliance and his plans for utterly destroying them.
While many war hungry supporters for this cause have come forward, a
war of this magnitude is a recipe for disaster for both factions and
it won't be long till everyone, except Garrosh, will see that

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A Fractured Horde

While it is pretty clear that the
Garrosh we see in World of Warcraft has no time for diplomacy with
the Alliance, he doesn't do much better with the other races in the
Horde either. In fact from the moment he has taken power Garrosh has
gone out of his way to aleinate and outright insult the other races
that make up the Horde. From only allowing Orcs inside the Valley of
Strength to the insults and threats flung at the leaders of the other
races, Garrosh is walking a fine line. Remember, it is dangerous
enough to have an enemy like the Alliance, but making enemies of what
would be your friends is even more perilous.

Ripe for Corruption

As mentioned previously, Garrosh is the
son of Grom. Not sure where you have heard that name before? Grom was
chieftain of the Warsong clan before his son and also Thrall's best
friend and chief advisor. That is before he was tricked into drinking
the blood of Mannoroth the Destructor binding the Horde to the
Burning Legion. Eventually Grom would see the error he had made and
pay the ultimate price to free the himself and his people.

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As you can see....Garrosh has a lot to
live up to and live down. It is this thirst to prove himself, to not
fall into the same trap as his father combined with his love of power
and war that has lead Garrosh further and further down the road of
destruction. Some may even say that Garrosh had no real choice in the
matter, it was predestined that he would fall into ruin much like his
father. The only question left is will Garrosh redeem himself when
the final hour comes?

Assigned Not Elected

Thrall was an amazing Warcheif.
However, if he made one mistake in his career as leader of the Horde
it was assigning a new Warcheif of his choosing instead of taking
council from the rest of the Horde races. Garrosh may have been his
chief adviser, but that doesn't exactly mean he should have received
an instant promotion upon Thrall's resignation. It is true that in
the past the leader of the Horde has always been an Orc, however,
things change and with the Horde taking on even more races, it may
have been prime time to look outside the Orcs (or at least for a
better suited Orc) for a leader.


As mentioned, Thrall was the previous
leader of the Horde before stepping down and promoting Garrosh to the
lofty position. Unlike other forms of progression where the
predecessor would be long dead, Thrall is still alive and very well.
With a wife in tow and child on the way, the last thing Thrall
probably wants is to take up the position of Warcheif again. However,
watching Garrosh take the Horde toward ruin may be

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Thrall is a pretty stand up guy and
while I can't say for sure, eventually I think he is going to say
enough is enough. Without giving to much away, things are about to
get very real in Patch 5.3. The thing is though, Garrosh isn't ready
to give up power and he won't do so without a fight...even to Thrall.
Despite his resignation as Warchief there are those that still
support and would rally to Thrall if only he asked and I think he
ultimately will to save the Horde.

That concludes our list of the top 5
reasons Garrosh Hellscream is slated for aggressive removal. What are
some reasons you can see that Garrosh is doomed to be removed as
Warcheif? Do you think Garrosh will be killed or just captured in the
end? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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