Xerin doesn't work for NCSoft...

But he, like the rest of us, is anxious for the release of Auto Assault. So much so that he put together a comical "Top Ten Reasons to Pre-Order Auto Assault." Why a top ten list, you say?

I was thinking the other day that Auto Assault needs more top 10
lists. Everything needs more top 10 lists, well everything except
penguins. So I sat around for awhile and polled my audience of
stuffed animals for reasons why you should and shouldn't pre-order
Auto Assault. The responses varied but it was mostly silence. Since
the audience was probably taking a nap, I went and wrote out my own
top 10 list. After about eight days of working on it, I finally
finished my masterpiece. Now if only I could only make a top 10 list
for reasons not to make top 10 lists.

Well, ok, but what about some reasons not to pre-order? Xerin has you covered! Here's my personal favorite, but there's plenty more where this came from:

4) Pre-ordering supports people who work for video game selling places!!!!
We all know video games are bad for you. Why support people who sell them? I played a game once then went and ate some Turkey in a sandwich. Someone said “THAT TURKEY DIDN’T HAVE A CHANCE” and I thought to myself… “I wonder if that turkey would have had a chance if I didn’t play that video game.”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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