Sounds quite interesting to me!

EVE Online has been described as a game that you play while not playing. One of the major things to do in the game is to train any number of skills. Those skills will train by themselves even when you're logged out, and take a long time to do so. Never sure when to come back to train a different skill? Now you'll know.

One of the shinier apps out there for the iPhone is EVE Tracker from Saggy Software, an application that also runs on the iPod touch. As its name implies, EVE Tracker can track a pilot's stats and training status; it displays your avatar and isk balance, in addition to your attributes and skillpoints. You can review your character's skill progression (skills previously trained) and flip through related info with a skill browser. EVE Tracker can handle multiple characters and multiple accounts, which could be handy for those who took advantage of EVE's Power of Two subscription offer a little while back.

You know, if I could get this all set up correctly, I'd probably start playing EVE. It's getting so darned convenient!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016