One thing players certainly saw a lot of during Rift's head start was a nice server queue message letting them know just how long it would be before they got the chance to begin their day in Telara. So many players joined the head start that it prompted Trion Worlds to open over 10 new servers the first day alone. With the official launch set to take place later today, Trion has made sure that there will be plenty of room for new players to jump in and get started by adding an additional 31 servers for launch and more waiting in the wings if needed.

While the biggest complaint that most people have had during the game's head start is the server queue, the performance has been rather amazingly smooth. Let's just see if Trion can keep that streak alive tomorrow when the next big wave of players rushes into Telara. Check out the official Rift forums for a full list of launch day servers.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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