With increasing concerns for account security for Rift players, Trion Worlds will be implementing new security measures to help prevent players from losing items and coin if their accounts are compromised. In a recent post to the Rift forums, Sr. Community Manager Cindy "Abigale" Bowens explained the new measures that will be introduced sometime this week.

The new changes will add a "Coin Lock" to accounts that log in from a significantly different location. The Coin Lock feature will prevent players from using the auction house, salvaging items and runebreaking. Additionally players will be unable to sell, send mail, use vendors or trade with others until they use a code that Trion will send to their registered account email. A Coin Locked account can be identified on login by an icon where the tutorial button shows up in the UI.

The new measures are being added following a string of account compromises to several Rift players. You can help ensure your own security and decrease your chances of being compromised by taking a few common-sense measures as well and Cindy has posted a nice place to start. Be sure to give it a read and make sure that things are secure on your end. Trion can't make sure your computer is secure, so make sure that you do.


Rift Forums - Abigale's Security Update

Rift Forums - Abigale's Update and What You Can Do to be More Secure

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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