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Earth Rifts are dangerous and lure adventurers with the promise of treasure.

Rift will begin its second closed beta phase next week, but Trion Worlds has released a few new juicy tidbits this week with the reveal of the Plane of Earth. Earth Rifts, also referred to as the avalanche from beyond, causes a tear in the sky from which a number of Earthtouched monstrosities spill. Earth Rifts can be easily identified by their huge stone spike that stabs down from the sky and the hardened creatures that follow. Find out more about the Earth Rift in the latest reveal.

Explorers may be tempted by an Earth Rift, for every new spire bursts with precious minerals and gems clearer than water. These riches are but a trap to lure the greedy into the arms of waiting horrors. With each treasure hunter so doomed, Laethys smiles…

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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