The Ten Ton Hammer Hallow's End Guild Event

The members of the Ten Ton Hammer guild recently took part in a raid of the Alliance town Southshore. The brave members of the Ten Ton Hammer guild on Hydraxis worked together as a team to assist the forces that were already there in some holiday themed shenanigans. With rotten eggs and stink bombs in hand the Ten Ton Hammer guild was ready to lay siege to this noble and sturdy Alliance town. (Click here to find out more about Hallow's End and the Southshore vs. Tarren Mill battle!)

Everyone who wanted to come was at the even. The levels ranged from level 9 all the way to level 70 with the average level hovering somewhere around level 40 to 50. Grouped together with an unyielding sense of courage and daring the group knew that this was no easy battle. Over fifteen members were ready to give their armor’s durability up to cause a literal stink within the center of Southshore.

Charging in like a mob fresh out of an early 19th century movie the Ten Ton Hammer guild was able to take out many of the lower level players while achieving victory in laying stink bombs and spoiling the Alliance’s supply of beer. Many various tactics were used such as dying then coming back to life with the magic of World of Warcraft, but nevertheless the entire guild shown true courage as they worked together against insurmountable odds and they came out the victors.

One notable situation was one of the Alliance’s Mages had insulted a member of the Ten Ton Hammer guild. Higher in level the Mage did not win on skill but by mechanics alone. Working together the Ten Ton Hammer group pulled together to take out this notable adversary who spent much of the time before revenge staying in constant fear of a strike.

After the battle had been declared a victory and as many quests were done as could be the group got together and decided that they would do the impossible. They would literally see the invisible and fight the core game mechanics that fuel the entertainment of millions. The group got together in the Scarlet Monastery and set their sights on the Headless Horseman.

There was no way the group could win against such a powerful foe but they tried. They fought their way to his location and summoned him. Everyone tried their best but was eventually struck down by this evil shade. Their cuts and scrapes against the Headless Horseman will always be a reminder to him that even with an unwinnable situation the Ten Ton Hammer guild will try to win.

Overall much fun was had by the guild during this impromptu event. If you’re interested in joining the Ten Ton Hammer guild on Hydraxis then click this link to be whisked away to our forums where said details can be found on how to join!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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