Guild Forum Hosting

WoW.TenTonHammer is pleased to announce that we are making out forums available
to host your guild forums on! That's right free forum hosting to all guilds
that want it.

We will provide you both a public and a private forum for all your guild needs
in our Php based forums. The public can be used to announce and discuss public
guild events that the general public may be interested in seeing. The private
one is for your own personal use, with only guild members being able to see
messages there.

The public forum should be moderated by one of your guild members to adhere to
TTH forum guidelines. The private forum is open to whatever guidelines you
choose to have, as it is private and no one else will see it. We will also
grant you full access to moderate and administer your private guild forum as you
see fit.

If you are interested in having your guild forum hosted on
please contact one of the Community Managers: [email protected] or
[email protected]

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016