If you’re thirsting for more EverQuest Next details you may want to get your hands on the latest edition of PC Gamer UK magazine. Aside from taking the cover of the magazine’s latest edition, SOE’s next major MMORPG is featured within its pages as new classes and details are revealed. Additionally, the issue also explores the Landmark construction tool.

Here’s just a small taste of what you can expect in the issue sampled by EQHammer:


Wields either a two-handed hammer or a hammer and shield. Buffing and protecting allies is the typical Clerical duty, but these magic men and women do it with the power of fire, which gives them some killing power, too.


Wielding a tome or a dagger and focus object, the Necromancer summons destructive chaotic energies and comes with a companion: a Monstrosity that grows in power with its master.

Beast Lord

If you're a fan of 'trampling' and 'savaging,' the Beast Lord's furry friends make excellent companions. You can do your own savaging, too, with a flail and shield combination, or a spear for medium range attacks.


With two blades or one two-handed blade, the Tempest 'dances across the battlefield' and unleashes powerful winds and blasts of lightning. Ought to appeal to fans of action RPGs.

The issue is available in UK stores now. For those not living with our friends across the pond, you can also pick it up via the App Store, Google Play, and Zinio.

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Source: UK PC Gamer

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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