If you're a faithful mod'er, two of the most popular EQ2 interface mods (ThorUI and my personal new favorite: Fetish Nightfall) have been updated for compatibility with Live Update #11 (Splitpaw Saga Launch). Check it out at the source for all your mod needs: eq2interface.com!

Not familiar with user interface mods? These are free files that make changes to the presentation of display windows and controls within EQ2. Far from being purely cosmetic, some of these mods substantially improve gameplay, and the ideas behind a handful of modifications have been officially adopted by SOE. EQ2maps with its brand new auto-updater function, for example, lets you access player-made maps of zones instead of the default map window.

The thought of tinkering with your game files scares you? Don't worry, 1) most of the mods are complient with the License Agreement you oh-so-hurriedly "Agree" past every time you play, 2) you're not deleting anything when you carefully follow the installation instructions for each mod, and 3) switching back to EQ2 defaults is as simple as deleting a file you create during the install. Simple, and worth a shot!

But, be careful... if you try moding, you won't want to switch back!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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