Over at the now UGO-owned 1UP network, the writers have landed a short little interview with the developers at Petroglyph, the studio that's creating the upcoming MMO Mytheon. While the developers couldn't reveal much about Mytheon, they were forthcoming about some of the RTS elements that might make it into the game:

1UP: Petroglyph has worked on some well-received RTS games in the past, so how will that expertise be put to use? How will Mytheon integrate RTS elements into the MMORPG genre?

Pat Pannullo: Mytheon's gameplay focuses around the idea of Power Stones. These stones [can summon] a minion, a structure, or a powerful spell onto the field of battle. You can have several of these things active at one time, so each avatar can potentially [form] a small squad. The RTS features mostly surround the control and use of these conjured stone objects. Of course, different classes will have access to different stones, so some classes will be more RTS-like than others. While Petroglyph's first five years have been spent in the creation of RTS games, we have many talented people that have worked on games from all genres, including MMOs. Mytheon is a different kind of game, and it borrows from many different genres, including RTS, action-RPG, and traditional MMORPGs. Our diverse backgrounds are a great asset in creating a title like this.

You can read the whole Mytheon interview by clicking here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016