First Update Away!

You'll find the patch notes for the first of many Vanguard: Saga of
Heroes live updates on our forums. Here's an excerpt:


- Experience is now lost (or debt is applied) when you release or are
resurrected, instead of at the moment of death.

- You can now gain skill both on success and on failure, instead of
only on success. This should make gaining skill with weapons you
haven't used before at higher levels significantly easier.

- Dark Elves now start at -8100 faction with Celestine Ward like all
other “misunderstood” races instead of -8200

- Abilities which cause damage over time that are not in the same spell
line should now stack.

- Melee and Ranged direct attacks have had a bug fixed that was causing
them to do around double damage. Direct attacks are one type of melee
attack that do not use weapon damage and strength damage directly, the
are most often used with abilities that do not have damage as their

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016