Today's patch for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures addressed several Massive PvP issues and changed the price of mount riding skill books. Now it only costs 50 gold to learn all those new mounted battle maneuvers.


  • Basic Riding Skill price changed to 25s.
  • Advanced Riding Skill changed to 50g.
  • /guild should now always work after zoning.
  • Assassin Epic Tier 3 chest piece no longer hides arm pieces, and texture clipping on shoulders has been fixed.


  • Cannot charge a player/npc that is already charging someone else.
  • The charge gameaction will now check if you are already charging, and will not start another charge until the first one is complete.

Massive PvP

  • The Attacking guild will now properly get the siege camp resurrection point when the vulnerability window opens.
  • Building points gained by mercenaries will be rewarded to attacking guild as intended in the first place.
  • Can now attacking Siege Buildings with melee, spells, and siege weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that kept Vulnerability Windows open outside their allotted time.
  • You can read the official post here.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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