*** Headlines ***

- Change your bind point to anywhere in your home city!

- Invite other players into groups, raids, and guilds when they aren't in the same zone!

- Quest journal now holds 75 active quests!

- Sort your quests by the current zone for each quest step!

- Explore the Shattered Lands with greater freedom and ease of travel!

- Earn experience for your guild by collecting status loot!

- Learning tradeskills is made even easier with new artisan quests!

- Gain coin and better loot from defeating creatures!

- Guilds no longer lose status when members leave!

- Add a new hotkey to toggle between your two most recent targets!

- Lots of user interface tweaks and improvements!

- The quest completion ding is back!

- Mysterious activities around the mines of Norrath introduce our latest live event!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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