The holidays are just around the corner and many of our favorite MMOGs have served up a variety of in-game events and festive prizes to usurp our free time as we head into 2014. Here's just of the many festive events to indulge in during the holidays.

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online began their Winter Celebration event last week, but you can still enjoy the festivities through Thursday, January 2nd, 2014. You can start by helping Santaleet reclaim his workshop from alien invaders and then hunting down winter leets across Rubi-Ka for festive prizes.

ANNO Online

ANNO Online serves up a new content update for the holidays. The new update adds new seasonal content that includes new missions to earn currency to purchase premium items, a chance to explore Adventure Island, new exclusive items, and daily login bonuses that can be used to obtain more rewards.

Champions Online

Heroes and villains alike can celebrate the festivities in Champions Online's Winter event. Keep an eye open for Santa and presents along with other events such as the March of Mecha Soldiers Custom Alert, Black Harlequin's antics, and festive goodies.

Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot’s Midwinter Bonus event are now live, offering bonuses to XP, BP, and RP for Ywain and Gaheris. Capital cities also gain a 40% bonus to crafting speed and 20% to crafting skill gain along with 20% to crafting speed and 10% to crafting skill gain in housing zones.

DC Universe Online

Larfleeze returns to DCUO to spread some holiday mischief and steal presents around Gotham City and Metropolis in the Season’s Greedings holiday event. During the event, players will receive new daily missions that can be completed to earn holiday currency to purchase festive items.

In addition to Season’s Greedings, DCUO is also holding a “Welcome Back” event for former Legendary subscribers, which offers free Legendary status through Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 and a new Tom-Bot companions for Legendary members with an active subscription as of Tuesday, December 17th, 2013.

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Dragon’s Prophet

Dragon’s Prophet kicked off a 12 day holiday log-in event on December 14th set to run through December 25th, which rewards players for each day that they log in during the event. Additionally, the Silver Dragon Festival will also begin later this week that will offer a number of new items on the Station Marketplace alongside SOE’s own holiday sale.

DUST 514

CCP celebrates the holidays in the online FPS tie-in to EVE Online with the 12 Days of DUST event starting on Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 and running through Sunday, January 5th, 2014. Each day of the event CCP will reveal a new in-game gift that will be awarded to players that log in and win a match that day. The items will be awarded to players on January 7th, 2014, so you will have a slight wait.

EVE Online

Not to be left out, EVE Online is already in the midst of its holiday event, granting a gift to EVE pilots each day leading up to the holidays courtesy of those fine Icelandic Yule Lads, who will be offering up a new item for each day leading up to the holidays. Be sure to login and claim yours.

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Frostfell and Santa Glug are making their rounds in Norrath already, but SOE is also gifting players festive a little something special each day leading up to the holidays. Currently on Day 6, the “12 Days of Holiday Cheer” event offers both discounts in the Station Marketplace as well as beneficial things for players. Today, for example, you can login and get and get a double faction boost.

EverQuest II

Dubbed “Gifts and Goblins,” Frostfell makes its return to EverQuest II this year, and like EverQuest, EverQuest II offers daily discounts along with new festive events, achievements, items, and quests in the festive Frostfell Wonderland Village. The festivities will run through Thursday, January 9th, 2014.

Fallen Earth

Even patrons living in a post-apocalyptic world need a little holiday cheer. Fallen Earth’s Christmas event will see the return of the Grunch and new holiday items that include a new festive car, clothing, a new camp, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The Starlight Celebration recently kicked off in Eorzea, adding new festive items, mischievous imps, and sentient snowmen. It is Final Fantasy so you can imagine that it’s all as crazy as it sounds. Additionally, Square Enix is also holding a Starlight Celebration screenshot contest, which will earn 100 selected winners an Ahriman Choker in-game item.

The Starlight Celebration is now underway and will conclude on Tuesday, December 31, 2013.

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Wintertide comes to Firefall this week to kick off a series of events and competitions. Currently players can get their hands on a number of festive items such as seasonal headgear like the Chiller, Santa Hat, Reindeer Antlers, Candy Stripe Armor and Bodysuit Patterns, Elf Ears, Elf Pet, Santa Beard, Christmas Present consumables, fireworks, and more.

Red 5 will also be holding a couple of competitions for gifts throughout the holidays, the first of which is the Letters to Santa Contest, asking players to send in their letters to Santa about what cosmetic items they would like to find in their stocking. The second competition is a video contest running from December 23 - January 6th, challenging players to create a video showing how they celebrate the holidays that’s no longer than 3 minutes and submit it to YouTube or Facebook for a chance to win various bits of gaming hardware such that includes a Razer Black Widow keyboard, beanies, T-shirts, plushies, and more.

Guild Wars 2

Toymaker Tixx returned to Tyria with Toypocalypse to play Guild Wars 2 out into 2014 with festive events, the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, and an assortment of festive prizes.

Lineage II

Wintermelon returns to Lineage II. Collect Nectar by hunting monsters for and bring it to Santa for Wintermelon goodies. Nectar will drop through January 1st but Santa will stick around through January 8th. At that time he'll head back home and several of the festive items will go with him.

Luvinia World

Luvinia World celebrates Christmas with snowballs. From now through January 1st, 2014, players can take part in the Snowball Wars event by collecting snowflakes to convert into snowballs to pelt other players with. You can even earn XP and festive loot for your well-aimed ball of white snowy death.


Neverwinter’s Winter Festival began today and will run through Thursday, January 9th, 2014. The festival offers events that include the Twilight Run, the new Monsters on Ice zone for a combat challenge, go ice fishing for prizes, and go star gazing for a chance to gain Fortune for random effects. Additionally, there are a number of festive prizes that can be obtained by festive currency.

PlanetSide 2

Auraxis may be on an alien planet, but the never-ending tri-faction battle will get a slight reprieve from the constant fighting with a few moments of holiday levity. Part of that involves blowing up snowmen around Esamir for a hefty chunk of XP or the coveted blinged out Snowman for an exclusive reward. But for a chance at some real item goodness, there is the 8 Days of Auraximas, which offers players a chance to win some nifty new prizes.

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Perfect World International

PWI celebrates the holidays by inviting players to try out its new Horizons expansion and with festive new content that includes double XP, coins, and spirit through January 7th, 2014. Additionally, players can take part in a number of events such as the Present Delivery Race, snowman decorations, and killing yetis for some festive prizes. There's even a show planned for New Years.


RaiderZ breaks out combatitie snowmen, a thief Santa, and Christmas Card goodies as part of its holiday event. And let's not forget the festive items. And let's not forget the evil Ice Queen and stocking stuffers.


Fae Yule has returned to Telara. The festivities began last week and will run through Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 and comes equipped with new festive items and content such as the Yuletide Instant Adventures that will unlock special vendors, a holiday version of the Whitefall Steppes warfront, festive raid loot, and more. Additionally, you can buy discounted holiday mounts through December 25th.

Star Trek Online

Q returns with a newly revamped Winter Wonderland this year in Star Trek Online. From now through Thursday, January 16th, 2014, players can take part in various festive events and visit the new gingerbread colony to earn a number of different prizes such as a free Breen ship, holiday commodities, and more.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

There’s no Christmas in Star Wars but there is Life Day. SWTOR players can join in on the festivities this month and have some fun with a few festive items such as the Life Day Snowball Bomb, buy a festive sleigh mount, use some holiday fireworks, and more. Let’s just hope that the festivities don’t close out with a wookiee chorus.


TERA celebrates the holiday with festive PvP. And by festive PvP I mean a 10v10 snowball fight on Wintera Snowfield. Taking part in the battle can earn you Wintera Tokens that can be used to purchase festive items.

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The Lord of the Rings Online

LOTRO's Yule Festival has returned to the zone of Winter-home with new festive mounts, snowball fights, theater games, and a number of other holiday themed cosmetic items. The Winter Festival will conclude on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014.

The Secret World

Christmas comes to The Secret World early with the return of Krampus, a portal Niflheim, and a dark ritual to summon Hel in a tweaked version of last year’s End of Days event. What? You expected presents? Closest that you’ll get is by killing Hel and other creatures for a chance at some unique festive loot. Additionally, you can also become the Lord of Misrule in PvP for a little festive fun and special skills.

World of Tanks

Wargaming kicks up the war in World of Tanks heading into 2014 with new Combat Missions and special discount sales. From now through Thursday, January 16th, 2014, players can take on a number of challenges to earn special in-game rewards that include tanks, premium game time, and bonus XP. These challenges change ever few days, so check out the full list for more.

World of Warcraft

Grandfather Winter returns to Azeroth along with the Feast of Winter Veil event. Along with festive new events and prizes, good little boys and ghoul can also ask for their holiday wishes from Grandfather Winter on the Blizzard forums. Who knows, maybe he'll grant a wish.

And that’s just a few things that you can do in some of the many online games for the holidays. Enjoy and stay safe if you’ll be traveling this weekend.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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