Drunken dwarves? Vanguard? Woot!

Each Monday, the writers across the network tackle a common topic. This week is a wonderful spotlight on the communities of each of the games covered by Ten Ton Hammer. Today, Lady Sirse talks to The Drunken Dwarf who runs Vanguard Fighters. Find out why he has started up the only fighter specific site in the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Community and much more.

Drunken Dwarves, sharp pointy weapons, stacks of armor, and a healthy growing community of those that love to tank could make you think twice before entering. That is until you take a look around. Rob, also know as TheDrunkenDwarf himself, is a bit taller than one would expect. Hard as I looked, I failed to see a tankard dangling off his belt or a warhammer on his back. What I did find was a very friendly and passionate gamer who stepped up to the plate when he couldn't find a site dedicated to the Fighters of Vanguard: Sage of Heroes

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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