EXCLUSIVE: A Beta Preview for the Gnomish Cleric

If our exclusive screenshots of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes gnomes have you ready to take on the roll of a short, industrious creature of the earth...then you've got to check out Zinn's guide to playing a gnome in the starting city of Mekalia. Sigil has given us the nod to show you some juicy inside beta information about gnomes, and gnomish clerics in particular. Our guide tells all from spells to quests and beyond. Check it out for a preview of what you can expect from Vanguard!

"New characters start at the Transient Curator Unit which is separated from downtown Mekalia by a few minutes walk and many monsters. You are given 11 starter quests which will take you to around level 4.5 (Note that experience is constantly being tweaked in beta and will likely change by launch). The starter quests teach you about the game. They teach you how to kill monsters, how to interact with objects, how to train your skills, how to use merchants, use temporary pets and more."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016