Ally yourself with a city and buy racial mounts!

Vanguard has announced that Game Update 5: Telon Rides On is now live. As part of this update, the Citizen Favor system has gone into the game, allowing players to ally themselves with a city and earning tokens from those cities. These tokens in turn can be used to buy the new racial mounts. Who doesn't want to ride a gigantic black widow spider? A few other things went in as well.

A few classes received a revamp this update, with spell additions for Psionicists and Blood Mages. Not only will new abilities be learned, but they will look a whole lot better when casting! The art team made some great improvements to a variety of particle effects which give many spells an amazing new aura.

For all the information on Game Update 5, check out Vanguard's community site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016