Sigil’s Brad McQuaid talks about the state of Vanguard, as the game enters the third beta phase

GameZone has just posted their interview with Brad McQuiad. They had a chance to speak with him at the media event that was held last weekend.

Question: It’s been six months since we last saw the game. What significant changes, generally speaking, have gone into the development of the game between then and now?

Brad: We’re totally 100% in the production mode; we are just cranking out content, the art team is much, much faster so we are producing more fantasy, more fantastic, more interesting new areas, and making them more quickly. The design team has gotten their tools down and are really getting a lot of new content into the game. The switch from beta two to three was huge – we’ve let a lot more people into the beta and we’ve learned a lot, so much from beta one to two and reacted to it and saw a retention, people being happy and enjoying beta three.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016