Game Editions: Which Way Will You Go?

Sigil and SOE recently announced the various Vanguard retail packages and the swag that comes with them. Which one will you go for? Will you be satisfied with the regular edition, or do you need the full-tilt Collector's Edition? Will you pre-order, or wait until the game appears on retail shelves? Medeor leads a little debate (with himself) about which version he's going to be scraping coins from between the couch cushions to buy. What's it gonna be for you? Vote in our forum poll and tell us!

"Sigil and SOE have put considerable value into the pre-order packages and really brought me pause on which one is best for me (I mean come on, I care about you, but really I'm all about me). The pre-purchase is always attractive to me because it gets me into the game sooner and I like the trinkets you get for being an early adopter. SOE has really upped the ante with the other editions as well--the collector set is drawing my eye. I like getting stuff that others won't have later on, like in-game trinkets and real life goodies. I think I might be part barracuda because I'm drawn to all things shiny."

Let your vote be counted! Head over to the Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community site and place your vote. Let us know your thoughts in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums today.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016