Nick Parkinson talks about changes with the New Year

Stratics has posted an interview with Nick Parkinson from Sigil Games Online today. Keep reading to see what they were able to learn.

A number of significant changes have come about with Vanguard in the last week, the biggest is the announcement that Beta 5 is coming soon. Beta 5 is to start in early January. This stage is the last planned beta stage for Vanguard before release. Before this announcement we asked a series of questions about how Vanguard got started, what makes it unique, and how it evolves the mmo genre. Nick Parkinson, Sigil Online Games Community Manager, forwarded these answers to us. I think this one line from the interview sums up Vanguard: “Vanguard isn’t a hard-core game or a casual game, it’s a fun game.”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016