WoW--What a Controversy

Almost since Sigil first announced Vanguard; Saga of Heroes "WoW" has been an acronym sure to stir up controversy on the official forums. Shayalyn believes there are three types of gamers: Veterans (the hardcore and vocal vets of early MMOs); Contenders (the newbie WoW crowd); and Referees (experienced gamers whose needs and viewpoints fall somewhere in the middle). Which one are you?

In this corner, we have the Veterans. These guys are the grizzled title holders who survived the harsh environments of early MMOGs. They are the people who believe that Sigil is creating a challenging Vanguard just for them. Vanguard is purported to bring back the "make us work for it" mentality of games like EverQuest. Sigil's CEO, Brad "What if we call it Norrath?" McQuaid is their Messiah, and "core gamer" is their shibboleth. Speak out against either in the official Vanguard forums and your post, no matter how well reasoned, is likely to be met with cries of: "Read the FAQs!", "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!", and "Can I have your stuff?"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016