It's all about playstyle...

This month has flown by, as evidence by today's content, our last installment of May's Tuesday's Takes. We asked the question "Harcore vs casual, how do YOU play and do you feel the game will accomodate your playstyle" and four of our writers have given their "takes" on it, today Lady Sirse wraps up this topic with her "take" in Does Your Playstyle Define You?

Casual gamers often look on these dedicated…for whatever reason…masses as arrogant loot mongers who will walk over their own grandmother’s to get the next uber drop. Conversely, the hardcore players look on those who play less than 40 hours a week in constant raids as weak, unworthy of being listened to or given any consideration at all. Think I’m joking? Take a look at most official forums across the gaming community and you’ll get a taste for what I mean.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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