Vanguard Paladins, Something Old...Something New...

Righteous defenders of truth and justice, the Paladins of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes offer many things we've come to expect from the class--a strong defense against undead; the ability to heal and Lay on Hands; and potent defensive buffs. But Vanguard Paladins also bring powerful rescues and Acts of Virtue to the table. Learn more in our revamped guide!

"The Paladin's virtuous auras--a form of continuous group buff--extend to all within his proximity. These auras do not cost the Paladin energy to use. While he may only have one aura active at any time, the Paladin is afforded some choice as to which aura to use. Most are defensive, increasing armor class (AC) or adding regeneration. Some augment damage output. The Paladin's Aura of Radiance helps allies develop immunity to undead attacks, and cleanses them of poison or disease effects over time."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016