No Time for the Official Forums? Not to Worry, We Take the Time for You...

Aunraye is back with our weekly roundup of interesting and fun topics from the official Vanguard forum. This week we break the NDA (no, not really), and talk about the loneliest class in Vanguard. Want to learn more about getting in on the ground floor of a Rent-a-Healer business? You'll have to read This Week on the Forum!

Each week, we highlight fun, interesting, or controversial topics on the official Vanguard forums. Here's this week's collection of forum goodness. Have you seen a topic you think should be highlighted here? Send us a link! Do official forums scare you? It's okay, we've got your back. Post on our kinder, gentler forums instead.

Keep reading to see what is all the buzz this week. Share your thoughts with us inthe forums at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer...we don't bite...really!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016