The Classes No One Wants

As carefully as Sigil tries to balance adventuring classes so that each one brings value to a group in different ways, it seems difficult for fans to trust that there won’t be certain classes that become the redheaded stepchildren of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Every MMO seems to have at least one, or more likely a few--the lonely, the unloved, the ungrouped...the classes no one wants. How do you think Sigil will fare with avoiding lonely classes? Vote in our poll!

"I played a druid in EverQuest. While I knew my class inside and out, and played it well, I still found myself looking for groups far more often than I would have liked. Two things allowed me to progress through levels with relative ease--my guild perma-group, and the fact that I could solo like a wood elf possessed. In fact, if you look at the configuration of EQ, many of the less essential classes compensated for their lack of group lovin’ by being soloing machines--druids, bards and necromancers are good examples (although personally, I liked having any one in my group). Rangers seemed to get the shaft, but then...they’re rangers."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016