It's Your Thang...Do What Ya Wanna Do!

Some people like to be in the thick of the battle, swinging their sword with all their might. Others like to mutter a few arcane words and rain fire down on their opponents, or bless their allies with the gift of health. So, which one are you; fighter or finger-wiggler? Or perhaps you're a little of both. Let us know by voting in our weekly poll.

  • I prefer to be a caster always     
  • Melee all the way; I never understood those silly spells
  • I like to cast most of the time, but sometimes I need to give a
    good melee bashing     
  • I prefer to be in the thick of it with my sword, but casting is a
    good change of pace every now and then     
  • It never matters to me; I’ll be whatever my group and guild need
  • Other

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016