When What's Missing Becomes What's Next

Talk about patches and expansions--that's the common thread running through this Monday's content across the Ten Ton Hammer network. But since Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is still in development, Shayalyn has opted to talk about what's missing (or likely to be missing) from Vanguard at launch, and what might become the stuff of updates and expansion packs. Will Vanguard's developers, Sigil Games Online, hold a hard line in support of death penalties, corpse runs, group-centered play, and no instant travel? Shayalyn shares her best guesses. Oh, and if you've found a missing Berzerker, please take him to the Customer Service desk.

"How does one travel around Vanguard’s vast world of Telon? Not instantly, that’s for certain. You won’t find druids and wizards 'portin’ for platz.' Nor will you be able to touch a portal stone or click on a ship’s bell to ring up an instant zap to the location of your choice. You won’t even be able to hop a random griffin."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016