If it's just a bio, I'm not sure I care much.

The Vanguard: Saga of Heroes developer team would like to hear from all of you, for once. Tell them which team member you'd like to see an interview with next, and they'll make it happen.

If you keep up with what's published on VGPlayers, you'll know that a couple of times a month I feature interviews with various people on the Vanguard team, ranging from Designers to Customer Service and even members of the QA team!

It would be great to run an interview every week, but as you may guess, it's often difficult to tear developers away from their game long enough to ask them what's the longest gaming session they've ever endured.

So, as I'm patiently waiting for a return on a recent interview, I thought I'd give the Community a chance to vote on who they would like to see interviewed, and submit some fun questions for the Vanguard team member of their choice!

So who would you like to see in the spotlight on VGPlayers? Visit the Vanguard Official Forums to cast your vote and submit questions!

Read more and cast your vote at the VG Players site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016