The celebration is on and for those who can't join in on the fun, the folks over at Vanguard are keeping a blog of the live event!

1:32PM - We're tossing up a bunch of fireworks while in a mean looking ghoul form. We're seeing a bunch more people make their way in to Ahgram.

1:33PM - It now looks like we're going to go around as a heard of camels. They may look tame folks, but in a herd this size I think we could do some damage!

1:41PM - Begin, the cake wars have. Eovania just launched some pieces of cake at other people at the party and I'm now going to have to duck for cover!

1:50PM - We're wrapping up the party on Halgar, parting is such sweet sorrow. We'll be back on Friday though! Next up, Xeth!

1:54PM - One last unloading of firework goodness and we're off to Xeth!

1:56PM - Loading up my character on Xeth, Raijinnxeth. Be sure to stop in at Ahgram and say hi!

1:57PM - Wow, there was already a bunch of people over there on Xeth at Ahgram! Hello there!

2:05PM - The party is kicking off on Xeth and people are lighting off a bunch of fireworks! Looks like we're all jamming out and dancing as well!

2:12PM - Ahhh! Xeth isn't safe from the ghouls either! Everyone at the party was just turned into ghouls!

2:15PM - Hustler Ryme the Magnificent just turned into a huge ogre which looks pretty awesome if you ask me!

2:25PM - Tons of people here, very impressive and we're all shooting off fireworks into the night's sky! Amazing!

2:27PM - We're still shooting off fireworks however looking up into the sky I'm seeing little dropplets of rain fall. I have to say the weather in Vanguard always seems to amaze.

2:32PM - Dorsai for some strange reason has taken a liking to me and continues to dance and laugh at me. All in good fun!

2:34PM - Awesome, we've all been turned into a pack of wild wolves! Must be some sort of lycan virus going around, be on the look out!

2:45PM - Note to self, Slappy's Whistle is probably the coolest item ever. Watching everyone get up and dance is priceless!

2:47PM - With everyone turned into camels Benzi and Weci are now talking about cleaning up camel droppings.

2:50PM - Tons of people here and the party is still going strong. We're about to head off to Sartok but it's been a blast here on Xeth.

2:54PM - Before we all leave someone has turned the entire party into chickens.

2:55PM - Ok, we're leaving Xeth but we're looking forward to seeing everyone come out on Friday. Off to Sartok!

3:02PM - You can find Raijinnsar on Sartok along with Nayliex, Amnerys, and GM Arknos! Hope to see you all here!

3:11PM - Slappy the cool is helping keep this party fun! He sure knows how to get down!

3:20PM - We're seeing a bunch of people come and go in the party, must be the danger of PVP weighing on everyone's minds. Good seeing everyone here though!

3:25PM - Not sure who was the one who did it but everyone just got tossed up in the air! Getting launched in the air is bad, landing safely on the ground, not so bad.

3:31PM - Ack! We've all been flung into the air and turned into giant frogs!

3:39PM - Everyone's been turned into skeletons and we're running around Ahgram!

3:44PM - Ooozin just made his way over to the party at Ahgram. Hi Ooozin!

3:46PM - Blasted Exiled Soljir killed the lot of us. Next time you'll fall victim to cold steel!

3:51PM - Yes, I probably should have turned my invulnerability flag on. Lesson learned.

3:53PM - We're heading on over to our final stop of the day, Seradon. Sartok has been fun though and I look forward to seeing everyone back on Friday.

Along with the play by play, there are several screenshots so you'll want to stop on by the official Vanguard site to check those out!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016