Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has been running their own community "Ask a Dev" thread prompting players to get all those burning questions out there and onto the table. There were a whole lot of questions asked during the month of March and now we get to see which ones were answered. Did one of yours make it in?

Will you consider to revamp Karax and Varking since no one is killing them? Maybe make them both lvl 55 targets?

No plans to revamp them as of yet. We have made an adjustment to Varkings add casting that should make him a little more possible.

Are you considering implementing another Class Lead system, or a different way of improving class balancing and fixes?

Do not have the resources to manage a class lead system and we do not want to deal with the issues the last class lead system caused.

Will we ever know how much our total XP is w/out requiring a UI mod and how much XP is needed until next level? Like 43176/64823xp?

Possibly but not really high on the list.

Will Rogues get new or improved poison recipes with the new levels?
Not planned currently.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016