Player Houses, Guard Towers, Flying Mounts and More

Sigil Games Online's much awaited MMO Vanguard: Saga of Heroes was demonstrated for the team from Ten Ton Hammer today as well as other teams from the Vanguard Affiliate Program. Nicole "Awenyddion" Hamlett gives us her impressions of this game that recently shocked the industry with the announcement that they were making a deal for Sony Online Entertainment to become co-publishers and the distributor of the game.

We were told that Sigil is very happy with SOE distributing their product. "We've been treated very well." Said Paul Luna. For something that happened so quickly, Sony has treated Sigil and Vanguard like AAA stars. The atmosphere is charged with excitement. Frankly, I'd be happy as well if I had Brad McQuaid and team back in my arena.

Today, myself, and Byron "Messiah" Mudry sat down with a few other of the affiliate sites for a demo by none other than Jeff Butler and Brad McQuaid. The beautifully executed demo showed this old fan a few new tricks.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016