made its splash in the free-to-play market last year and has been
picking up steam ever since. The action-combat MMO from Nexon has been
designed from the ground up to appeal to Western audiences and so far,
they've been successful.

This year at PAX East we stopped by the Nexon booth to try our hand at
the upcoming content update for style="font-style: italic;">Vindictus,
due to launch later this month, known as Episode Six. The new content
contains new quests, a new town, new enemies, PvP and a great new
feature called Transformation. The level cap is also increasing from
level 60 to level 70.

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The new town, known as Rocheste, will offer players a new social hub to
meet players and get new quests. New expert crafting professions will
also be available here including balacksmithing and cooking. There are
several new dungeons for the players to explore which will provide a
welcome variety to environments in which to play.

During our hands on time, we noticed the new feature of transformation
which will allow players to literally transform into either a dark
knight or a paladin depending which faction they've chosen to align
themselves with. The quest for the transformation ability is available
at level 40, during which the player will pick sides in the storyline
and eventually unlock the ability.

Transformation is limited to a maximum of three minutes, but those are
three minutes of extreme gameplay as the character physically
transforms and has a whole new array of powerful abilities as well as a
huge increase in defensive and offensive abilities. The paladin, for
instance, changes into a true warrior of light as their sword becomes a
large glowing blade of light and the player's armor shimmers with holy
power. The transformation feels potent and plays just as powerful,
supplying a feeling of real heroism.

Boss battles have just as much excitement as one has come to expect
from Vindictus
and during our demo we fought against a giant hammer-wielding opponent;
fitting for a team from Ten Ton Hammer.

The content update will be free to all players and will be available
for play March 23rd.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016