Campfires are not a new concept to online games, but Vindictus will employ this feature in a useful way that will give players access to a method that allows recovery and even gain buffs while adventuring through a harsh dungeon. Campfire kits and skill books will be available in-game from an NPC named Kirstie, who will offer the kits as a method to aid your party in harsh climate dungeons such as Hoarfrost. Campfires are limited to one per dungeon, so use them wisely. Sitting by a campfire will increase a player's health and if you stay by the fire's warmth long enough; you can receive a temporary buff to your attack and defense.

Campfires also come with an anvil that will allow players to repair damaged gear. Be careful where you pitch camp, enemies don't respect the camp borderlines and will still attack.

Campfires have their limitations as well and players will only be able to build one per dungeon. They also do not prevent attacks from enemies, so it’s best to build them in carefully planned and safe areas.

Check out the official release for more details.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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