Free phones for the press. I like the sound of that.

Vonage the folks with the annoying ads all over the web, television, billboards and spam mail have announced that they will be sponsoring the E3 press room phone service. It's like a match made in MMOG Heaven. Annoying press, let me introduce you to an annoying advertising campaign. They will also be dressing a person up in an annoying orange suit and running him all over the show floor taking your questions.

"Vonage Marketing Inc., a subsidiary of Vonage Holdings Corp., a leading Internet telephony company in North America, today announced it will be sponsoring the E3 Expo 2006 press room phone service. It will also sponsor the FanCam, a wired up gamer set loose on the trade show floor wearing orange apparel featuring Vonage's logo. His helmet will contain mounted micro-cameras capturing his happenings while playing games, interviewing developers, as well as going behind the scenes. He will be making calls using his Vonage Wi-Fi phone to answer gamer submitted questions. In the pressroom, Vonage will be demonstrating its products including Wi-Fi phones and telephone adaptors."

VoIP users of the world unite!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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