The next Warhammer Online patch officially hit the Public Test Server this week boasting a number of changes and additions. The notes are extensive and cover everything from UI changes to a new Open RvR reward system which promises to motivate players to fight outside of scenarios. How will everything affect the game, and are the changes all positive? We take a look at the biggest ones and provide a verdict.

Open RvR Influence appears to be one of the most interesting additions to the Warhammer Online world. In an attempt to reward and motivate people to participate in more oRvR, a previously discussed system is finally being revealed. Much like we have with our current Public Quests, each influence area (which is a Tiers racial pairing) has a set of rewards based on your influence level. Taking battlefield objectives, capturing keeps, and slaughtering the opposition will provide you with the necessary influence and hopefully guarantee people will move out of Praag for once.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016