Warhammer Online's latest event is now live and ready for you to jump in and experience the fun! Beyond the Sands Live Event hits servers today, April 20th and runs through April 27th giving players plenty of time to have fun and earn event specific rewards. Don't be left out! Patch up, get in game, and get your event groove on!

A slow trickle of questionable artifacts has begun to surface on the warfront as initial expeditions return from the southern sands. Uncertain as to why, the forces of Order are nevertheless determined to thwart the plans of their enemies by securing these powerful items for themselves.

But the forces of Destruction have done more than simply pilfer the silent barrows of a forgotten empire; they have woken the servants of the undying kings, and now the indomitable will of the Tomb Kings are fixed beyond their borders once again.

Liche Priests have followed the artifact trail north through Dwarf and Greenskin lands, determined to recover the stolen possessions of their masters at all costs

Unencumbered by the mundane need to eat or sleep, these tireless undead spell casters have found the battlefields of the Old World to be excellent "recruiting" grounds as they call forth skeletal armies to overwhelm both Order and Destruction forces.

Beyond the Sands is the second chapter in the Call to Arms! event story arc leading up to the release of the Land of the Dead dungeon later this year. Beyond the Sands will pit players against each other as both factions compete to secure artifacts of the Nehekharan Kings and subdue their Liche Priests.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016