The long running online comic Dwarf extraordinaire, Brasse, has jumped into the Warhammer Online world. This latest entry showcases her adventures on the Destruction side, as she joins her new guild in the game. Look inside to see how a grumpy Dwarf becomes a sneaky Goblin.

CoW ended up being a lot more popular than the founders expected in Beta (I mean, who wouldn't want to sidle up to uber cool writer geeks? I mean, besides people with real lives).

As they careened into Live like an overloaded commuter bus in a Mumbai suburb, they stopped open recruitment. I was very happy to see their Friends and Family program, allowing longstanding friends to still join in.

We'll see how many are still playing a year from now. I sure hope to be one of them, because my early days experience in WAR has been very good

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016