Numbers never lie, people do.

The Greenskin has posted some fancy charts and graphs depicting the current popularity of the WAR careers. Granted the sample size is minuscule compared to when WAR goes live, but if the numbers are to be believed, the population spread is pretty uniform. Around half (47%) of the players are Order and half (53%) Chaos (roughly the same ratio of males to females in the U.S. do you think there is a correlation?). That is like flipping a coin, but what about the classes, that is where the rubber meets the road. The current career poll shows a nice mix of all careers being played with just a couple standing out like the Goblin Shaman and Black Orcs on the high side and the Chaos Magus, High Elf White Lion and Dark Elf Witch bringing up the rear. With this many careers to choose from there is never going to be a flat line showing complete distribution. Among the realms there is nice blend from Empire at the bottom of the rung and Chaos topping the chart.

The graphs I found most interesting are at the bottom of the list, and they depict the spread of careers per role (i.e. ranged dps, healing, etc.). The graphs show a nice distribution tending to indicate that there are several different careers that can fill the typical roles needed in a party. This is good news if it holds true because players will have a multitude of career options yet be viable in groups. Check out how the Dwarf Engineer did in the results and read up on how you can be prepared to play one.

Read the rest of the data and conclusions from the author at The Greenskin. Since I have so little Warhammer background, I was hoping for some insight that would really make one race/class combo standout so I could get a leg up on you all! No such luck. Based on that theory though, I should choose a Black Orc. Does this new information sway your vote of how and what race and career you were/are going to chose? Weigh in on the forums and let us know which way you are going or if you think the numbers are really just plain wrong.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016