Much more fearful than those law-abiding marauders.

The official EA Mythic information for the Chaos Marauder
was released this month, and we've updated our career page to reflect
this. Along with the updated career information are some additional
pictures to go along with it.

In the frozen roof of the world - Norsca - live the many and
various northern tribes collectively known as the Norse. Born in that
frigid, hostile place, Norsemen are universally powerful – gifted with
ferocity and strength at arms. Believing themselves to be closest to the
gods, they flock to the banners of the great Chaos Champions in the
hopes of proving themselves worthy of favor. These brutal Norse warriors
are the Marauders – a fanatical throng whose only interest is
destruction. Bred for war, dedicated to the gods, endlessly violent.
This is all a Marauder knows or cares to be.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016