Realm vs. Realm (RvR)

Realm vs. Realm in Warhammer Online is much broader than the MMORPG concept of PvP play. At any level, through RvR combat, players can attack players of the opposing faction and further the goals of your faction as well as your own personal goals. RvR also provides impetus for players to stick together. As Jeff Hickman advised (as we were preparing to jump into the RvR Marsh Temple scenario): "This is realm vs. realm, not player vs. player. If you run off alone, you're going to get killed. Stick together."

Also, it's worth noting that loot and experience will be awarded in RvR play just like in PvE play.

Types of RvR in Warhammer Online:

  • Skirmish - "Incidental" combat in the game world
  • Battlefields - Within the skirmish area, these areas are where each faction fights for objectives
  • Scenarios - Instanced, objective based, point based battles with NPC allies ("dogs of war"). This is each factions way of attaining and holding zones, and at the high levels leads to attacking the opponents capital city. Points earned at lower levels roll up and help higher level players achieve their objectives. 40+ scenarios of varying size will be available at launch.

Scoring is primarily based on player kills, but secondary objectives provide "purpose" and bonus points towards winning the scenario.

Some types of objectives in scenarios:

  • Capture the flag variants
  • Murder Ball
  • Deathmatch
  • Domination

Next, Hickman explains the AI controlled entities we would see floating around. Dogs of war are there to help you in scenarios "only when absolutely necessary... to even out the odds. These are AI-controlled, semi-smart group members who will follow you around and do their job and only their job", Hickman stated.

The RvR Presentation

The pwnage then commenced. Each row of computers in the presentation room was pitted against the opposing row when we played two scenarios: Mourkain Temple (a "capture the flag" style scenario) and Gates of Eckrund (what I supposed was a domination scenario- since this involves catching and holding strategic points to increase your score). My row won 3 out of 5 matches; with Garrett Fuller from, Dana Massey from Warcry, and myself, how could we lose? While it was fairly intimidating to pick up a level 40 character that only barely compared with classes in other games and in the few minutes between rounds learn the myriad abilities (including morale abilities, which are among the most powerful in the game but build up only gradually during combat) and set up the hotbar accordingly. But in all honesty it was a lot of fun, and - among us relative novices at least - the game did not seem to favor one race or another, wins were fairly evenly divided.

The next day, Ten Ton Hammer had a chance to sit down with Jeff Hickman one-on-one to discuss the presentation and demo. Click here to see that interview.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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