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Welcome to the TenTonHammer WAR FAQ. Here we'll attempt to answer all your important questions about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning such as"If a tree fell in the Marshes of Madness, would it make a sound?" or the ever popular "Will Orcs ever find the Rainbow Connection?". If you don't see the question that's burning a hole in your brain listed, feel free to visit our WAR forums to see if it has been answered by all the Warhammer Online fans there or you can email me at [email protected] and I'll see what I can dig up for you. .


The Public Quest System


Q: I keep hearing about these Public Quests. What are they?

A: Public Quests are area based quests that you trigger by crossing over into an area where a Public Quest is taking place. It involves a huge amount of players gathering together to complete the task at hand.


Q: Public Quests sound like fun, but they also sound very time consuming?

A: Not at all. One of the best parts of a Public Quest is that you can come in on it at any time and leave at any time. Whatever little bit you were able to contribute to the Quest counts as if you were involved in the Public Quest from the beginning.


Q: So what's the point of working on a Public Quest if I can't finish it and get the reward?

A: You still get rewarded for your contribution to the Public Quest in the form of influence. You can spend this influence at a designated NPC. Higher amounts of influence will get you better items, of course. Also, Public Quests counts towards the necessary point level for taking over that tier zone, so ultimately your contribution helps your army get one step closer to sacking the enemies city.

Q: How many rewards can I get from a Public Quest?

A: You can get one per zone. Since the Public Quests are broken up into multiple chapters, you won't be finished with the Quest after the first segment. You'll be moved to another area for the second or third part of the quest. As you finish each part of the Public Quest, you'll gain influence in that area and be able to spend your influence with the designated NPC of that area. At the end of the Public Quest, if you've managed to stick with it until the end, you'll get a reward there as well. So if a Public Quest had 4 parts to it, you could end up with 4 rewards.

Q: How many Public Quests are there going to be?

A: As of right now, EA Mythic has confirmed that there will be at least 300 Public Quests in the game at launch. It's possible there may be more as they are still working on the game and will be working on it until launch.

Q: Have they released any information on what sort of monsters we'll be going up against in some of the Public Quests?

A: There has been one release and it talks about one of the Boss Monster's you'll be up against in the Marshes of Madness, Vampire Lord Neborhest. You can find out more about him here. For the side of Destruction, you'll be battling the King of Barak Varr himself, Byrrnoth Grundadrakk. You can read more about him here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016