They're here, they're here! Game Update 1.0.6 has hit the Warhammer Online servers, and Mythic Entertainment has posted the massive Patch Notes on the Herald. These notes are so massive, they had to break them into two different postings. What could be so important? How about the first Knights of the Burning Sun and Black Guards popping up? Changes to almost every class? Murderball spawn times increased? There is so much more.

This is our biggest update yet! It's chock-full of exciting career changes and heralds the debut of the highly anticipated Black Guard and Knight of the Blazing Sun careers. If you've finished the Heavy Metal event and have opened your Heavy Metal Chest, then you will be able to play a Black Guard and Knight of the Blazing Sun when this patch goes live (before anyone else!). For those of you who did not complete the Heavy Metal event, don't fret! You, too, will be able to play these two new careers starting next week.

This update is so massive that we needed to split the notes into two sections. So, without further ado, on with the notes! WAAAGH!!!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016