What exactly keeps the high elves so high?

In this Warhammer Online preview, Gamespy takes a look at the high and dark elf races which were announced at Leipzig '07.

Diving right in, the High Elves find themselves with both Archmages and Swordmasters. The Archmage is an actual ranged damage dealer, a "nuker," the closest to an old-fashioned stand-and-shoot character class the game has. In lore, the Archmages are those High Elves who have spent centuries mastering every facet of magic, turning them into the most powerful spell casters in the world. In addition to tremendous amounts of damage, the Archmage can drain magic and redistribute that stolen mana as health. Enemies with no mana pool will find their action points drained instead.

See it all over at Gamespy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016