The latest Warhammer Online Grab Bag is extra heavy. That could have something to do with the incoming Live Event that Mythic Entertainment has in store for the players. Beginning Tuesday, November 18th, Heavy Metal begins, ushering in the soon to be released Knight of the Burning Sun and Blackguard classes. Every question you could possible have about the Live Event (if it wasn't answered already in our interview with Mark Davis), can be found inside.

Q. There will be many people who will be unable to be online every day due to RL circumstances, but will be capable of making up for lost time on other days. Will these people be able to earn enough influence in the event to get the elite reward?

A. The first half of the event will require you to log in every day to complete a daily task. Since the second half of the event will be taking place during the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, we have decided that your Tome will list the remaining tasks available at that time. This means that you could then choose to do several tasks from the second half of the event in one day. Just remember, you must do all of the daily tasks in order to receive the elite reward, and during the first half of the event, these tasks will be switched out once a day around midday EST!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016